Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writing for Writing's Sake

What do you do when you've committed to writing everyday, but don't feel like writing? My answer is that I will write. Most of the time words and ideas come easily, but today I'm still recovering from having strep throat, went to work when I didn't feel like it, and came home to multiple little problems that just seem to drain any physical energy that I might have left and all of my creative energy. Feeling drained just completes the circle...adding another little problem to those that cause the feeling to begin with. So, the words just don't want to flow.

My oldest grandson turned 9 today. Can't possibly be! He's growing up almost as fast as my children did and that's way too fast. But it's a good age. He's so fun to be with. We can "play" and also have conversations. He joined Boy Scouts and loves to go camping. School is okay, but would be better without all the work. The best part is that he still thinks Grandma is "the best" and will give me hugs without making faces. I love being a grandma and being Seth's grandma is wonderful.

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