Friday, November 4, 2011

Can You Listen To Music and Write?

Can you listen to music and write? Hmmm. Interesting question. No, not an interesting question, just interesting that someone would ask that as a prompt for writing. I decided to use the NaBloPoMo/BlogHer prompt since, again, today I am too tired to think of one of my own. Now that I'm thinking though, maybe I could have come up with something a little more creative. Was someone else tired as well? Nevertheless, I'll bite.
My husband often accuses (oh, he would not call it "accusing") me of over-thinking. You be the judge. He might be correct.
As a teenager my friends would turn on the radio just until the walls vibrated to do homework. I didn't even try to open my books. Maybe it was the music or maybe it was just the fact that I couldn't concentrate because all I could think about was how to turn it down, I'm not really sure. Obviously, I was not the typical teenager. Still, what type of music are we talking about, how loud is the music, and does it have words or words I want to pay attention to? So many variables. Over thinking?
Point of interest...I can read a book and listen to and follow a television movie at the same time. Richard, my husband, is often confused by my comments on a movie when he thought I was absorbed in my book. It's really not a choice. I'm not all that interested in television, but it seems to seep into my head if it is on regardless of other things that are already occupying that space.
Writing does not seem to follow the same pathway. The creative process is most likely the variable that makes the difference. If music is playing in the background I can write. In fact, some music inspires me. There is research that proves that this is a fact, but a topic for another day. However, if there are words to the music, invariably I either want to sing along or listen to them for the meaning, neither of which leaves room in my head for creative writing. Possibly, my space is just too small.

After several hours of trying to post this yesterday, I gave up. So this is actually the post from November 3rd.

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