Friday, November 4, 2011

Pen or a Computer?

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

After last night I think my answer to this question might be changing. I'm not a morning person. Eyes don't open even though my body gets up. Finding a pencil or a computer would would be an overwhelming challenge much less trying to use either item. So, I do my writing in the evening. Yesterday was no different. Finally got my blog typed and the internet went down. At midnight it was still down. I gave up.

I don't find a lot of difference in the writing process with a pen (or in my case a pencil) or the computer except that I haven't found a pen or a pencil with spell check. There are other things, of course. If I am going to transfer my writing to the computer anyway, I would much rather write once. Also, I type faster than I write and sometimes faster than I think which makes for some interesting reading at times. (Okay, that was stream of consciousness.) However, a pen is much more portable and if I forget mine there's likely one close by, and if not, I can find one at the nearest Dollar Tree.

I don't think I've given any overwhelming evidence for one or the other except for the spell check (which might be a weighted response) and the fact that I only want to write once. So I guess I'll go with the computer. Now that I think about it, as fast as my memory is going I might need to get my thoughts down quick before I forget something.

Well, I'm boring even myself. Have a great night. See you tomorrow.

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